LIVE MUSIC – The Snyders

Sep 2017

The Snyders, formed In the summer of 2011 in Montréal, is a family ‘roots’ band that digs deeply from many styles of music. Chicago Blues being the largest ingredient, they also draw from jazz and rock music. The band features two very strong vocalists, virtuoso guitar playing, and a rock solid foundation of bass and drums as only could be delivered by a brother and sister rhythm section.

The family unit is comprised of Southside Denny Snyder – vocalist/lead guitarist (aka blues artist Southside Denny), his daughter Lorrie Snyder on Vocals/Bass, and his son Phil Snyder on the drums.

For the past 30 years, Southside Denny has garnered the reputation of a legendary blues rocker in his own right with 9 album releases, and performing at notable blues clubs and festivals both in the US and in Canada.  He has a very long list of artists for which he has performed the role of opening act for that resembles a who’s who list of the blues.