LIVE Music – Double ”D” and the Booty Jam

Jun 2015

Some people are just born with it. 

Born in Halifax, NS Canada Dale Renton grew up in a family of music. Walking into a jam at just 7 years old and seeing all the drums, guitars, saxophones, speakers, and other gear… It was love at first site for Double “D” and it was then that music quickly became a habit that he could not quit. He has played for the sunrises of the east coast as well as the sunsets of the west coast. His soulful creative writing style will leave you imagining as you unscramble the messages that he leaves for you in his lyrics, all while playing guitar that will carry you away to his beautiful world. A world that welcomes anyone that will lend an ear. So listen, relax and enjoy the original creations of Double ”D” and the Booty Jam.