LIVE MUSIC – Chet Defreese

Aug 2016

Country / Alt.Country / Country Rock

Chet DeFreese is one of those rare artists that captures a unique style of songwriting that defies any one style or category. His music encompasses a broad range of familiar formats that blend together into a truly unique style. Most of Chet’s songs are centered around acoustic guitar. Through a combination of his writing, playing, and production style, his acoustic guitar playing takes on an aggressive attitude that simply compels you to listen. As Chet ” speaks ” through the guitar instrumentation, it sets up the songs for his voice to command the songs. His solid, earthy and at times gritty voice, lead the listener through some incredible lyrics. Listening to his songs, the lyrics provoke strong imagery. The story telling leads us through situations anyone can relate to, and recalls memories of personal stories. The tone of his voice and singing style come across with such conviction and truth,it seems that he is actually in the room with you when you are listening to the songs. The music really connects with you on a personal level. Chet is the real deal. An incredibly talented songwriter and performer. As a music listener, I am captivated by the songs, as a music producer, I wish there were more artists like him for all of us to enjoy listening to.