Adrien Woods – LIVE MUSIC

Sep 2014

So who am I, and why should you care about my music?  Well, I will tell you a bit about myself, but ultimately it’s up to you whether you like my tunes or not.  I’ll save you the shameless sales pitch.  Oh right, me..Well most of my songs are written based on personal experience…things I know about or believe in.  I draw from a range of influences to paint an emotional picture of what I feel at the time of writing the song.  I started because I’ve written a number of songs over the years during my time playing in various bands like Triple Threat, Thunderbone, and Famous Monsters.  The group projects, at the time, were not cohesive for many of those originals.  A number of the tunes were written to be performed acoustically and as the material stacked up I decided it was time to scale things back to basics and perform some solo acoustic shows.  Along with my original songs, I will be working some classics into the sets by a few artists that have lent influence to me such as Neil Young, The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones, etc.  Please have a listen to my tracks and take a peek at the vids.  You might like what you hear.