King of Foxes

Aug 2018

King of Foxes offers up something of value: a musical divining rod that pulls the listener to an inner river that is at once both familiar and uncanny. Delivered in a voice that is equal parts fierce and fragile, frontwoman Olivia Street’s lyrics are poetic and evocative, deftly interwoven with seeing-eye guitar hooks and a cogent understanding of songcraft. King of Foxes has drawn comparisons to Veruca Salt, Lush, and Metric, but retains an edgy and playful persona. Lush with layered guitar hooks, infectious vocal melodies, and “instant indie-rock cred”, their 2016 release, Golden Armour, boasts a radio-ready aesthetic of alt-rock influences and garage rawness.

“I fully expect Golden Armour to catch the attention of alternative rock stations across the country. It’s definitely an album Canada can be proud to call their own. If you love indie rock, strong female vocals, and just rocking out to great music, you will love Golden Armour. If you aren’t familiar with King of Foxes I suggest you take a listen, you won’t be sorry.” — Canadian Beats

“King of Foxes’ Golden Armour shines as brightly as its title suggests. The Edmonton band’s debut LP has a tough outer shell that glistens with a delicious combination of slick pop hooks and leader Olivia Street’s captivating vocals… If Golden Armour is any indication, the future looks bright for King of Foxes.”  —Exclaim