Dave McCann

Mar 2019

Blues/Roots/Rock and Roll

Tickets: $15

The long and rolling lines of moon-lit silence that stretch across the Great Northern Plains. The spirit that folds the beautiful, sweeping, haunted, wind-torn hills of Blackfoot Country. This is the medicine that marks the fifth, full length release from Dave McCann and the Firehearts. Produced in collaboration with alt-rock songsmith Leeroy Stagger and built at The Rebeltone Ranch in Southern Alberta, “Circle of Light” brings an aggressive evolution of Blues-tinged Southern Roots that unleashes the scorching honesty of pure hand-built Rock and Roll.

“Invokes the spirit of early Whiskeytown and a Twangier Wilco. As far as Canadian roots music goes “Dixiebluebird” is a strong candidate for album of the year.” – Leeroy Stagger – Artsbridge Magazine