LIVE MUSIC – Ali McCormick

Jun 2016

The Lioness of Lanark…Ali McCormick grew up in the Lanark Highlands just outside of Ottawa, Ontario on an off-grid hobby farm. She was drawn to music at a young age, live music around the kitchen table a common occurrence on the farm. With help & encouragement from her family she began writing songs. When it was obvious that music & song writing came naturally, her folks chipped in for an acoustic cutaway. She brought that guitar back & forth across the country playing open mics, coffee shops, basements, attics, around campfires & anywhere else people wanted to hear her music. After many years and many many songs, Ali has developed a musical style all of her own. She is busy captivating audiences with her unique voice and lyrics steeped in references to life, love and rural Canadian living. Over the years Ali has aquired an eclectic group of musically talented friends to accompany her in her travels … keep your eyes & ears open for Ali McCormick, she’s a performer you wont want to miss!!