Jun 2016

Roots music that feeds the soul – Sunday Matinee

A former lawyer and classically trained musician, Noosa Al-Sarraj a.k.a. Ole Noos is a fiery talent with a penchant for long drives, grimey accommodations and roots music that feeds the soul.

This wanderer has countless stories to tell, having toured Canada alone and with gypsy-circus band Blackberry Wood, and lived in numerous locales, including Peterborough, Ottawa, Montreal, England, Vancouver and most recently Dawson City, Yukon, where she drove to from Ontario after winding down her brief law practice in 2012. It was in Dawson City, after a cold and dark winter away from the pressures of her old life, that she wrote her debut album, Wild North.

Released in 2013, Wild North has been dubbed “Gorgeous!” by CBC Radio One Bandwidth, and has found its way onto college radio in the US. Produced by longtime Ian Tyson guitarist and Nathan Tinkham on Gabriola Island, it rings with the old-tyme feel of the remote gold-rush town, while weaving together themes as drastically opposed as the land that it describes: it is at once lonely and carefree, heartbroken and freewheeling.